Main Topics

Examples of the ICPPP2015 Topics

Financing Policies

  • Overall financing mechanisms
  • Impact of financial crisis on financing policies
  • Strategies to cope with financial crisis
  • Trend of revenues for infrastructure
  • Future directions of infrastructure financing
Financial Viability and Risk Analysis of PPP Projects

  • Criteria for financial viability
  • Risk analysis methods and applications
  • Impact of uncertainties
  • Life-cycle costs analysis
  • Optimization of toll rates
  • Risk sharing and robust maintenance policies
Design, Construction, Operation, and Management of PPP Infrastructure Projects

  • Feasibility study (e.g., highway, rail, port, airport)
  • Design standards and performance specifications
  • Construction of managed lanes with existing right-of-way
  • Pavement management and PMS data usage
  • Toll collection methods and facilities
  • Traffic prediction
Legal Issues Related to PPPs

  • Review of existing laws and regulations for consistency with PPPs
  • Legal implications of PPPs
  • Changes needed
  • Issues pertinent to specific regions/countries